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If you've been with us here at Unrest Coffee for any length of time then you've heard us talk about chaga.  Our Blue Hill Blend features medium roasted coffee from Papua New Guinea and locally harvest chaga from Fort Kent, Maine. 

So what the heck is chaga?!

We like ours with acidity. That's right, and you just might do too. Amongst fellow coffeeholics, acidity is the most misunderstood topics which can hold you back from finding the best coffee roaster to your taste buds. At Unrest Coffee, we believe acidity adds dimension to coffee, resulting in that the unique aroma we have all learnt to love. Let us explain the few but very important factors to consider when choosing your new favorite at your local coffee roaster.

Want to Roast Your Own Green Coffee Beans at Home?

What’s better than learning how to roast coffee beans? It’s a rhetorical question because for us, nothing beats learning how to roast coffee beans at home.