Great coffee leads to great conversations.


Theres a lot to love about Unrest Coffee. Every bag is fresh, it always tastes just right, and its made by locally good people. From the bag to your cup, this coffee just screams and shouts high quality and attention to detail at every turn. They offer a ton of options and Ive enjoyed all their roasts so far, but my favorite has to be their dark roast, Endeavor. I highly recommend this coffee and its always my go to gift for all my friends and family


My husband and I went up to Hub Coffee in Presque Isle and had your coffee. It’s the best coffee either of us has had. I’m so upset that I’ve been sleeping on this for a few years! We left with three bags yesterday and are brewing some this morning.


This dark roast is on point! I could live inside this bag of coffee...forever. Can't wait to check out some other roasts from Unrest. Great company, killer coffee!


I love this coffee!! I have just started my coffee journey. A friend raved about Unrest Coffee. I find that Baxter, a medium roast, has helped my love for coffee. Can't wait to try other flavors!!